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It was a beautiful day, while shooting this lovely family near the beach in Bakkum! And how adorable are the two little girls, so different in looks and character! And I love this spring weather so much! Perfect for family shoots outside again! Summer will not take too long any m
Some shots of some lovely kids during a shoot last October at the Soesterduinen! After painting a lot of walls, working like crazy in the new home, moving and getting inspired at the Fearless Conference, my normal life starts to kick in again so from now on I will be more present
This shoot was so much fun with climbing trees, running sheep, cuddles, and jokes. I was honored to photograph Jacoline's family in Ede and can tell you that their 4th kiddo arrived in perfect condition a few weeks ago :) Enjoy the shoot of this beautiful family!
How cute are these two little boys!? Maybe you recognize them cause they were part of this shoot as well, already more than a year ago. To photograph Lev & Mats we went to a cool place near the trainstation of Amersfoort, which was such a nice place to do a photoshoot! So enj